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Are you a Local Restaurant owner looking for a way to get into the delivery game?

DinnerBell delivery services are offered completely free, exclusively to local businesses.

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Times are Changing!

Have you ever wanted to deliver to your customers?

Starting a delivery service can help strengthen relationships with customers as well as make your products more accessible to people who may not be able to participate in a traditional restaurant setting. People, like busy families, disabled folks, the elderly, those who are ill, intoxicated people, and more. The days of just calling up the pizza place down the street are fading, as more and more eateries are offering their delicacies to be delivered. Now, folks are enjoying their restaurant favorites in the comfort of their homes, at work, at school, and even the beach! Traverse City loves great food! Sharing our amazing local cuisine is an essential part of experiencing the area.

Starting an in house delivery service can feel big, and daunting.

It is! There is A LOT to think about… paying and scheduling delivery drivers, in-taking more customer orders, providing quality customer service to delivery customers, carrying insurances over drivers, facilitating and dispatching driver routes, and so much more, is added to your daily operations to start delivery.

This is where third party delivery systems come in handy! A third party system allows your business to start offering delivery to your customers, with very little change to your current routine. There are many third party companies that you can choose to work with. Here at DinnerBell, we do not limit your interactions with other companies. You can work with us, as well as other systems, if they fit your needs.

What sets DinnerBell apart

is our dedication to serving Traverse City’s business owners, and patrons with the highest regards, and respect. You will never find a restaurant on DinnerBell who has not agreed to participate in the DinnerBell system. You can always get a hold of us during business hours, and talk to a real TC Local, like you! Plus, we are only here to work with local businesses. You’ll never be competing with corporations, or franchises for space on our platforms, to deliver to your customers. Delivery, and online ordering services are offered at no cost to restaurant owners. Our powerful sliding bar system puts you in control of your online pricing. We even offer special marketing packages, logo design, and other web resources, exclusively to registered affiliates! We treat local restaurants like family.

If you’re interested in learning more

about our Traverse City Local’s Only Delivery system, or our Northern Michigan Catering services, please fill out the form above, and we will reach out to you! No commitments, no subscriptions, and you can even toggle delivery services on, and off based on your in-house traffic, with a quick call, or text, to our live dispatchers.

DinnerBell is an ethical food delivery system that puts you back in control.

Our mission is to provide hardworking locals a sense of hope, independence, and community health, by creating a platform to serve them. We look forward to connecting with you soon, as we pave the way into the future of local food delivery, together.

Thank you to these Local Restaurants for choosing DinnerBell!

Dancing Donkey burger delivery
Opa Grill Greek food delivery
Edson Farms Natural Foods deli delivery
Randy's Diner food delivery
The Filling Station pizza delivery
Red Mesa Latin fusion food delivery
Thai Kitchen Asian food delivery
Francisco's Pizza and deli delivey
Smoke and Porter premium bbq delivery
The Good Bowl Pho and Vietnamese food delivery
Taqueria TC Latino Mexican food delivery