Get Paid to Drive

Driving With DinnerBell

Get paid to drive by taking delivery orders from DinnerBell affiliates to customers! Get paid to drive your car!

Drivers are paid on a per delivery basis with drivers averaging over $10 per order!*

Deliveries are available Monday-Saturday 11AM-9PM up to 12 miles from Traverse City, MI.

Work with local businesses and DinnerBell to support local economic growth.

DinnerBell offers some of the best shared economy work in the industry!

Check out some of the perks of getting paid to drive with DinnerBell!

  • Some of the best compensation in the industry
  • Real world business education – run your own business
  • Set your own hours, add and decrease to fit your needs
  • Flexible hours of availability, Mon-Sat 11am-9pm
  • Work from your own space – your car
  • Phone support on standby to provide on road assistance
  • Personal contact with a human representative who can assist you with all things DinnerBell
  • Discounts on DinnerBell catering
  • Entrepreneurial Networking
  • Referrals to professionals in Insurance, Tax, Design and more!

Unlike other shared economy services,

DinnerBell offers :

  • Live human support available from a dispatcher at all times!
  • No strangers in your car!
  • No grocery shopping!
  • No credit cards to keep track of!
  • No sneakiness!

Get paid to drive down beautiful neighborhood streets all around Traverse City, Michigan. Photo of a sunset in the fall down a quiet neighborhood street with a black Labrador standing casually in the middle of the road.

Why be a DinnerBell Driver?

  • Flexible hours! Get paid while you’re working another job, going to school, or enjoying retirement! Work more, or work less with no need for time off requests, and live life on your own time!
  • Work in your own space! Work in your own car, listen to your own music, and enjoy your own comforts!
  • Learn to work for yourself! Start your journey as an entrepreneur with us, and gain experience with invoicing, taxes, networking, and other aspects of business ownership!
  • Plug into a network of local professionals! Get access to a network of insurance agents, accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, designers, and a myriad of other professionals!

(* = Based on delivery data from Jan – June 2021.)