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What would America be without classic Diners and great burgers? We don’t want to know! Local Burger Delivery and BBQ Delivery options are all right here!

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Randy’s Diner

Randy’s Diner is available for delivery 11am – 3:30pm, Monday, and Saturday, and 11am – 7:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Nothing’s finer than Randy’s Diner!

Since 1997, Randy’s Diner has been serving Traverse City the finest breakfast, lunch and dinner in a relaxed, smoke-free, family atmosphere. Now you can even enjoy Randy’s burger delivery, and more!

Home of the Jalapeno Popper Burger & Rodeo Burger!
All Third Pound Burgers are 100% Angus Beef!


Randy’s Diner History

Hot rod outside Magee's Fish Shed which is the same building as Randy's Diner

Randy’s Diner came into being on May 5th 1997. The owners, Randall and Norma Vyverberg bought the restaurant from Martin Clement who had owned it by the name The Diner and later, Marty’s Diner. Over the years, the restaurant has also gone by the names Magee’s Fish Shed, King’s Burger, Mr. Doolies and The Pigs Tie.

Diner Crew smiling for the camera at Randy's Diner

Before Randy’s Diner, Randy had worked in the food service industry since the age of 15. He has worked at The Clock, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Mr. Steak, Big Boy, Sue’s J&S Hamburg, Manistee Lake Resort and eight years at the Grand Traverse Resort. He has also completed management and food service courses at Northwestern Michigan College.

Norma’s background includes food service at TBA and working at the Grand Traverse Resort, Sue’s J&S Hamburg, Big Boy, The Elks Lodge and Bonanza.

Randy & Norma’s family have helped make Randy’s Diner a success! At least half of the employees are family! Their daughter Rebecca is currently being trained to be an assistant manager & eventually take over the restaurant.

Information copied from randysdiner.com

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Dancing Donkey burgers and fries logo click to open full menu

Dancing Donkey Burgers & Fries is available for delivery exclusively through DinnerBell 11am – 7:20pm Monday – Thursday.

Retro Burgers

Made with grilled onions, mustard, ketchup & pickle, ONLY.

Take a mouth watering bite out of nostalgia.

Just Great Burgers

Take a mouth watering bite out of nostalgia from the simpler days of burger joints around the Detroit area. Our retro burgers are based on old school flat top cooking with quality ingredients that are just too irresistible. We hand pack our 100% pure ground beef in our kitchen then grill that with sliced onions. Then top it off with ketchup, mustard, pickle on a fresh grilled bun.


Dancing Donkey is only available for Carry Out and Delivery – only on RingDinnerBell.com

Made with grilled onions, mustard, ketchup & pickle.

“If its not on the menu, please do not ASS-K us” -Dancing Donkey

Information copied from dancingdonkeyburgers.com

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Smoke & Porter House’s BBQ Delivery is available for delivery 3pm – 8pm Wednesday – Saturday


We started Smoke & Porter out of a deep love for real food, for food that is fresh, healthy, and authentic. We only use real ingredients. From fresh water fish, smoked meats. we strive to make each and every dish a wholesome expression of our love for food, life, and living. 

Red Hot Best 2016 winners

Most ingredients we use here at Smoke and Porter are just that: local. We stock our restaurant kitchen in much the same way that we stock our home kitchen, with daily deliveries of fresh ingredients that we select from local farmers in season. We are always on the lookout for new sources of ideas and inspiration.  

Their Story

Smoke and porter bartender smiling brightly for the camera

Food and Family, our back yard chickens
on our back yard barbecue just tasted better. That was the deciding factor. Good quality food over wood was simply better. We knew we had the theme to our restaurant, it would smell like a late night campfire. Man has been curing, preserving and cooking with wood fire for over thousands of years, and somehow we have stepped away from it.  This would be our resurgence back to that primal flavor we institutionally hunger for.

Fire is the essence. It is alive, like a restaurant should be, continually changing and developing. It burns with the fuel it is fed and the attention it is given. We strive for that change and growth. Whether it is the menu changing with the season or changing beer taps for the next new inspiration.  

Craft is a pastime or a professional that 
requires particular skills and knowledge of 
skilled work. Our Craft is in the food, working 
the fire, using our palate and experience to create the next dish. Designing the menus and drink lists with specific thought and consideration.  Creating an atmosphere for others to share in the work of other craftsmen and craftswomen. With each experience, menu and inspiration our craft will change and evolve, leaving an expression of 
who we are.  

Information copied from smokeandporter.com

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