Local Asian and Greek Food Delivery in Traverse City, MI

Check out these great local restaurants for Eurasian food delivery!

A town full of foodies thrives with the worldly umami flavors of Europe and Asia! Greek and Asian Food delivery are now available.

You can find your favorite Eurasian Cuisine options right here!

Thai Kitchen Asian food delivery banner
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Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen is available for Asian food delivery 4pm – 8:20pm, Monday – Wednesday and Saturday, and 11:30am – 8:20pm Thursday and Friday

Delicious Thai Food

What is Thai food? These words come to mind: intricacy, attention to detail, texture, color, taste, and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor.

Thai Kitchen not only pays attention to how a dish tastes: they are also concerned about how it looks, how it smells, and how it fits in with the rest of the meal.

About Thai Kitchen

Learn Their Story

Authenticity. That’s the objective, every day. Strive for the perfect balance on and off the plate. Innovative creations, local products, real pure flavors. For them quality and hospitality comes first. You can find authentic Thai Cuisine served and enjoyed in the elegant surroundings of their restaurant, and now your home.
They are a family run business and they pride their selves on their reputation for excellent customer relations and authentic Thai food. From old school classics to new infusions and flavors, mixed,  – just for you!

Information copied from thaikitchentc.com

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The Good Bowl food banner delivery for Asian Food
The Good Bowl Enlightened Vietnamese delivery click to open full menu

The Good Bowl is available for Asian food delivery 11am – 7:30pm Wednesday & Thursday, and 11am-8:30pm Friday & Saturday.

Their Story

The Good Bowl is a premium fast casual Vietnamese eatery. They are proud to donate $1 for every bowl served to charity.

For 2019 they just won Best New Restaurant in N. Michigan by Red Hot Best. Thanks for all of the community support in making an impact!


Offering modern Vietnamese cuisine with a focused menu of the most iconic dishes of Vietnam, specialty cocktails you won’t find anywhere else, local & international wine and beers as well as unique events and dining experiences that introduce you to all that Southeast Asia has to offer.

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world

The Good Bowl is a premium fast-casual Vietnamese eatery that offers a fresh, healthy and unique dining experience while providing our guests an opportunity to easily contribute to their communities. And now you can get their awesome Asian food for delivery!


The Good Bowl exists as a catalyst to bring people together with a unique cuisine and experience centered around nourishing our hearts, minds, and communities.


Leverage great food and warm hospitality to impact our communities on a local, national, and global level.

Believe in the Good: Good Bowl’s Core Values

We believe that business can – and should – be a force for good. 

We believe that curiosity is a catalyst for human connection. The more we know, the more good we can do.

We believe that if you provide a platform for people to easily contribute to their communities – they will.  

We are passionate about food and believe in its ability to unite people. 

We believe in the power of genuine hospitality, not just great service.

Information copied from goodbowleatery.com

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Opa Greek Food delivery cover banner
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Opa! Grill is available for Greek food delivery 11am – 7:30pm Monday – Thursday

Opa! serves it all with a side of fun! They’re best known for their famous gyros but their entrees of pasta, lamb, fish and huge salads will aim to please you as well.

Gourmet burgers at your service! They pack them all by hand in their kitchen to order on top of gourmet brioche buns and fun toppings like tzatziki or candied bacon. You’ll be begging for more!

Feed the whole family with Greek food delivery, because their menu will be enjoyed by every age!

Opa greek kisses for delivery


Opa! aims to please with their flavorful meatless options.

Homemade hummus, salads, soups, and so much more…

Information copied from opagrill.com


Made in House

Great flavors like Cajun,

Sweet Barbecue or Traditional.


Have your gyro prepared with traditional lamb meat,

or chicken, and topped with tzatziki sauce.


Meet the most wanted Burger:

grilled fresh mushrooms, red onion,

Swiss cheese and tzatziki sauce.

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Here at DinnerBell, we strive to bring you all the best flavors from around Traverse City, right to your doorstep! With all the fun Asian and Greek food delivery options available, we know you’ll find something you love! Whether your favorite is curry, pho, or gyros, you can find it all here!

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