About DinnerBell

Currently Open Monday-Saturday, 11:00am-9:00pm*

*Affiliate hours may vary

Our Mission

DinnerBell is a local organization dedicated to enriching local communities economically and culturally by creating a platform that provides local businesses a means to reach more customers. Welcome home!

Founded in February of 2018, DinnerBell is currently owned and operated by locals in Northern Michigan. DinnerBell strives to make food delivery a more personal experience through its dedication to customer satisfaction and small town focus.

Our Core Values

Trust Your Gut

Grow Organically

Eat Your Vegetables

Sunny Side Up

Made with Real Sugar

Eat Dinner as a Family

Save Room for Dessert

Customer FAQ:

What is DinnerBell?

A groundbreaking food delivery platform which offers delivery FREE for EXCLUSIVELY LOCAL businesses

Why DinnerBell?

DinnerBell offers food delivery options from exclusively LOCAL businesses. We choose to work with locals, and only locals. By offering our services for free to exclusively local businesses, we ensure that we can make the highest positive impact possible for each area that we serve. This makes sure that money circulated through DinnerBell stimulates the local economy by staying in the local area.

What businesses do you deliver for?

DinnerBell works exclusively with locally owned & signed businesses known as DinnerBell Affiliates. That means you’ll never find an out of state franchises or corporate nationwide chain anywhere on the DinnerBell Platform, and we never offer a business’ merchandise without their knowledge or permission. A full list of affiliates is available at https://RingDinnerBell.com/vendors-list/ .

When is the DinnerBell service available?

The DinnerBell service is available Monday – Saturday, 11AM – 9PM all year round. We are closed on all major holidays, because we believe everyone should be able to Eat Dinner as a Family and Save Room for Dessert. Check out our Facebook Page for the most recent updates on holiday and weather closings at https://www.Facebook.com/RingDinnerBell . Be sure to look for your area’s local Facebook Group!

How long does a delivery typically take?

A typical delivery takes 30 – 50 minutes. However, individual order times can vary based on distance, order size, vehicle traffic, and Affiliate in house traffic. 

What forms of payment do you accept?/Do you take cash on delivery?

DinnerBell currently takes all major card providers, Paypal, and Stripe as means of payment. As a third party we have no means of accepting cash payments – thank you for your understanding! 

What are  “DinnerBell Points?”

DinnerBell Points are our way of thanking our loyal supporters of local business by offering a percentage of each purchase made through our platform as store credit. DinnerBell Points can be earned and redeemed with all of our affiliates allowing you to save money on food you already enjoy! For every $1 spent on the DinnerBell platform, you get 20 points (you must be logged in to your free DinnerBell Family account to receive DinnerBell Points. Don’t have an account? Create one at https://RingDinnerBell.com/woocommerce-infrastructure/my-account/). 1000 points can be redeemed for $1 worth of merchandise.

Affiliate FAQ:

What is the DinnerBell?

A groundbreaking food delivery platform which offers delivery FREE for  EXCLUSIVELY LOCAL businesses

How much does the DinnerBell platform cost for restaurants?

The DinnerBell platform is offered completely free to local businesses as part of our commitment to support Local Business! 

Are there any guidelines / regulations to qualify?

  1. Your business must be local or locally founded in the area where you would like to utilize the DinnerBell Services.

How do I get started?

Just email us at service@ringdinnerbell.com, and our team will be sure to connect you with a Personal Affiliate Agent!