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DinnerBell provides hardworking locals a sense of hope, independence, and community health, by creating a platform to directly support the local economy of Traverse City, Michigan.

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The DinnerBell
Restaurant Family

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The Filling Station
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DinnerBell FAQ:


DinnerBell is an exclusively
local food delivery service
which is offered FREE to local businesses!

Delivery Price:

$2.99 + $1.00 per mile
(delivery distance is calculated from
restaurant to delivery location,
and 85% of the per mile fee goes to your driver!)


Monday – Saturday
11:00AM – 9:00PM
(Closed every Sunday
and on Major Holidays)

-ON AVERAGE, orders are delivered
30 – 55 minutes after checkout
(Order speed may vary based on distance,
road traffic, and restaurant traffic.)
Our delivery distance is over triple
that of our national competitors,
thank you for your patience and understanding !


DinnerBell Service Areas:
Up to 12 miles from the heart of Traverse City, MI

(Event catering services are
available across much of
northern Michigan,
see bottom of page for details)


A full list of restaurants in the
DinnerBell family is available below,
just click on a logo to order!


Order online here at RingDinnerBell.com
Click on the restaurant you wish to order from below,

Our Why:

Mission Statement:
“Our mission is to provide hard working locals
a sense of hope, independence,
and community health.”

Core Values:
1: Trust Your Gut
2: Grow Organically
3: Eat Your Vegetables
4: Sunny Side Up
5: Made With Real Sugar
6: Eat Dinner As A Family
7: Save Room For Dessert


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Phone (Service Line):
( 231 ) 465 – 5288

No more robots!
Real food, real locals,
real good service.

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